Q1. Why should I buy products from you?
This question mostly revolves in the mind of the customers.
Because only fancy jacket can deliver you a good quality product. All of raw materials used in fancy jacket are good qualities.

Q2. How do I order and pay for products?
You can choose any product from the fancy Jacket website. Then follow the size, color and other needy instructions according to the product and click add to cart. Fancy Jacket accepts online and easy payment gateway.

Q3. Can I make any change after I’ve placed my order?
As long as the item is not shipped, you can make changes in your order. If you intend to modify an item, please use our customer portal and provide details in the email.

Q4. Do you protect our privacy?
Of course, Fancy Jacket uses secure socket layer that provides end to end encryption. Fancy Jacket using the best services from one end to the other to keep your personal details secure.

Q5. How long will it take to receive my order?
Fancy Jacket is in favor of sending your order as soon as possible. Your order will be delivered within about a week. It may take some time due to overwork.
NOTE: Due to the global pandemic, there can be slight delays in your order’s. You can contact us at fancyjacketss@gmail.com if your product is not shipped in the mentioned timeline.

Q6. Do you ship orders worldwide?
Of course, Fancy Jacket sells our products in all countries of the world except Israel, Russia, and APO / FPO as far as we have authorities.

Q7. How do I know if I have placed an order?
After placing your order, you will receive an email confirmation within a few minutes. It will list all the details according to your order.


Q8. What if my order details are not received?
So please immediately Contact our customer service team via WhatsApp and email to brief your issues and visit our policies page for more information.


Q9. Is it possible to cancel my order?
Order cancellation requests can be placed within one day of order If not Shipped or will result in a flat deduction of 25% from your ordered item’s amount. If the product is in transit, then you have to receive and apply for a return.


Q10. Can I exchange for a different item?
Of course, In that case, you will have to pay a further 25% of the new item’s selection price. For more information please visit our policies page.


Q11. Do you make custom sizes?
Of course
Fill in all the required details after adding to the cart for custom size. Select “OTHER” in size and provide all the details.


Q12. Is your size guide in centimeters or inches?
Fancy jacket follows the standard on “inches”. which makes the customer satisfied with his order.


Q13. Do I need to pay the courier fee?

Fancy Jacket receives the shipping fee at the total cost of the item, Which allows the customer to send his order without hesitation.

Q14. Do I need to pay the courier for returning?
As we provide free shipping at our own cost, we charge a courier fee on returns.


Q15. Can we return the order after opening it?
As well fancy jacket place an accurate order with safety Return of the order is not acceptable in the case of opening order, Unlabeling or any other mistakes.